About Flozy™ Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for healing and harnessing life force energy. The most widely practiced form of Reiki worldwide, known as Usui Reiki, was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century.
Just like any other branch of knowledge, Reiki too has evolved and is now practiced both independently and as an integrated model with other types of Reiki or any other Healing modality.
Flozy™ Reiki is all about channelling the life force energy using 21 symbols, from the Floral Kingdom to help nurture and nourish our Energy.
 It’s based on the premise that when we feed our Higher self and not our Lower self, all negative people, negative situations, and thoughts, naturally distance themselves from us.

Our Journey...

In 2005, Dr. Ruchi embarked on her journey to assist individuals in navigating their tumultuous times, using her first set of Tarot Cards as a conduit for guidance. As the wisdom channeled through her began to resonate with others, word of her remarkable insights quickly spread. An increasing number of people sought her guidance to gain a clearer perspective on the obstacles they faced in their lives. With the blessings of the Universe, she formalized her work by establishing the “Centre for Mind Body Soul.

Initially, this center primarily focused on offering Tarot card readings, but over time, it evolved into a Holistic Health Care Centre. Its broader mission was to aid individuals in discovering their life’s purpose, finding solutions to their challenges, and gracefully navigating life’s complexities. The center’s ultimate goal was to help people reconnect with their inner essence, attain greater equilibrium, and experience more profound happiness.

Today, Dr. Ruchi stands as a Reiki Grandmaster, having guided numerous individuals towards inner peace and self-discovery. She also holds the esteemed title of Founder of “Flozy™ Reiki,” a testament to her dedication to helping others on their spiritual journeys.

Working with Flozy Energy

Channelling Symbols

Flozy healing is based on channelling the Universal Life Force Energy, popularly known as Reiki through Twenty-One Healing Symbols. These symbols represent the quintessential Archetypes present in our aura, which when activated bring about peaceful and balanced energies in your life.

Flozy Meditation

Flozy Reiki Energies can be easily tapped into through simple and potent meditations like Green Cloak Healing or Stamping the Stars (Given in The Book). Doing these meditations on a regular basis will help you re-align with the cosmic energies so that you feel more clear and rejuvenated.

Flozy Altars & Grids

The Flozy energies can also be channelled directly without, using the symbols by preparing Flozy Altars and Grids, to invoke and harness their potential. These can easily be combined with crystals and herbs also. Consecrate them with your own Intuition and allow the energy to flow effortlessly.

The Timeless Wisdom Of Flozy Reiki

Grab a copy of the book ‘The Timeless Wisdom Of Flozy Reiki’ by Dr. Ruchi C Batra.
This enlightening book offers valuable insights to enhance your healing abilities by reactivating your dormant core qualities of being a compassionate human being. After reading the book, you can Self-Attune yourself and set the pace for your journey of Self-transformation.
The book offers valuable insights, exercises, and self-guided meditations for people across all healing and non-healing communities, age groups, and cultures.

Some Glimpses of Media Coverage of The Book Launch 2023


The Life Force Energy of the Flowers

The story of Flozy Reiki symbols emerges from channelling the life force energy from the Indian Orchid or Kachnar Flowers. The Spirit of these flowers described herself as Arecya.

To me, Arecya is an energy, the potent Life force that creates and transforms. To some, she may appear to be an angel; to others, she is a Goddess. In whatever form you choose to experience her, she will be there. All you have to do is just call upon her with a pure heart. And she will readily bestow her Divine Grace upon you. Her existence is so magical.

She is there, and still, she is not there (you cannot see her with your physical eyes)… it’s really beyond words.

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