About Flozy

Flozy Reiki is all about channelling the life force energy from the Floral Kingdom to help nurture and nourish our Soul.

It’s based on the premise that when we feed our Higher Self and not our Lower self, all negative people, negative situations, and thoughts, naturally distance themselves from you. Flowers are considered to be subtle healers. They are here to help bring the qualities of Calmness and Bliss inside us, both directly and indirectly Reiki is a life force of energy.

The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words: 

REI” means “a universal transcendental spirit, a mysterious power”.

“KI” means “Chi” or life force energy, which is the “energetic building block of life”.

In Flozy Reiki, this life force energy comes from the flowers. Flowers have the ability to liven up any situation and any place. They have been used to beautify places, convey greetings and express respect. Mankind has been using flowers to decorate themselves, their deities and their spaces. They don’t need any formal occasion, to cheer you up. Their very presence around you, is enough to brighten up your day and space. Their very presence around you, is enough to brighten up your day and space. The use of Flowers for healing is not new to our civilization. Ancient texts, like Pushup Ayurveda which talk about medicines being obtained from flowers and Modern day Vibrational Flower Essences, like the ones used In Bach Flower have been adopted by various people across cultures to heal themselves.  Infect, all what we need and use in this world for our existence, be it food, clothing, medicines, furniture, etc everything comes from flowers. Flowers contain the seed-the seed contains the life force, making the flower convert into edible fruits and vegetables. The seed which once blossoms into a flower, produces further seeds naturally. So, it requires, no human intervention to reproduce. A new tree is automatically created from it. FLOZY is essentially this vibrational life force which creates, transforms and keeps life going on this planet. Although, Flozy symbols were channeled through Kachnar flowers, but Flozy Reiki can be tapped into by energetically connecting to any flower, from the Floral Kingdom. The symbols serve as a key to connect and can be easily used by anyone, at any time for activating and transmitting these basic but indispensible virtues in our aura. Flozy Reiki consists of using 21 Healing symbols to stimulate and awaken core vibrational qualities in your being so that your consciousness is expanded. They aim at empowering you by elevating your spirit so that you feel more in tune with your Spirit  All these symbols represent the essential virtues, which are intangible, invisible but so vital to live a harmonious life. All these 21 virtues, are not available in the market which can be popped in as a fruit or a pill. These are vitamins for the soul and all these qualities have to be self-activated inside us to make us happier and peaceful.

So come, Let’s Get Cozy with Flozy.

Origin of Flozy Reiki​

It was a regular winter evening of November 2018. Like every evening, I went outside to meditate, near my favorite neighboring Bauhinia tree I don’t remember exactly how many minutes passed by, before I suddenly felt a strange sensation filling up my entire body. It was as if someone was trying to reach out to me. I looked around and found no one, except a few birds ready to return to their nests after a long day. Then, something mystical happened. My entire body was filled with incomprehensible warmth and bliss as these beautiful symbols starting surfacing in front of my eyes. I kept enjoying the shower of these symbols without any inhibitions and felt them soaking up my entire being. I suddenly felt much lighter, as if I was on cloud nine. And then something beautiful happened. The flowers growing on this tree, danced around in a gentle cooling pre-winter breeze showing the various styles in which these petals bloomed, as if doing an Aerial Gymnastics Magically I felt as if all the Kachnar flowers blooming on the tree were talking to me and I was getting attuned to their language and the energies.As I sat, enchanted, observing, absorbing every bit of this moment and then as a flash of light this esoteric wisdom came pouring down into me. As I basked in this moment, soaking these energies into every cell of my being, The Spirit of This tree, Arecya came to my vision. She shared with me that these symbols were special codes ,which will open up the gateways to bring upon the seeding life force energies from the Floral realm and asked me to name this healing modality as Flozy, meaning “flowers with a zeal “ and hence Flozy Reiki, was born.

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