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HALT Therapy

The HALT Therapy is an amalgamation of various active and passive healing modalities, which help a person heal by clearing their programming ,so that they can transform and evolve.

Flozy Reiki Healings

FLOZY Healing is based on channelling the Universal Life Force energy , popularly known as Reiki through 21 Healing Symbols. These symbols represent the quintessential Archetypes present in our aura , which when activated bring about peaceful energies in your life.

Crystal Grid Healings ​

Crystal Grid Healing involves placing the crystals in a Sacred Geometrical Pattern to channel Healing energies for a person . Various types of Grids can be laid out depending upon the needs of the individuals.

Magnified Healing

This is a vibrational healing system that helps in releasing all energy imbalances and enables you to become one with energy so that you can heal yourself.

Karmic Reiki Healing

Karmic Reiki Healing: Unveil your soul's journey, release past karma, and embrace profound spiritual transformation with expert guidance and healing energies

Violet Flame Reiki Healings

Violet Flame Healing-Invoking the violet flame with the help of Saint Germain helps in clearing all unwanted energetic patterns in your aura, thus opening you up for emotional and spiritual development.

Karuna Reiki Healings​

Karuna Reiki:Compassionate energy healing, promoting holistic well-being through expertly channeled healing energies for inner balance and transformation.

Angel Healings

Angel Healing aims at healing the body, mind, and soul by invoking the Archangels to strengthen the aura so that no dense energies can penetrate and affect your life.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing as developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is a powerful energy healing technique that aims to transform and harmonize the prana levels in one's body, thus increasing the body's innate ability to heal itself. Dr.Ruchi is a certified Level 3 Pranic Healer from World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc., Philippines.

Benefits of Flozy Reiki

FLOZY REIKI  aimed at helping you sail through and navigate through your internal storms, can help you erase the negative imprints, the scars of soul wounds send trauma, by turning off the pain and tuning in and filling your etheric and causal body with divine love. WHEN YOU CLEAN, FILL AND SEAL (CFS) it’s like filtering out, releasing old air in a room and opening up the windows to allow new and fresh air to come in. Use them as creatively as you want.

The five petals of the flower represent the 5 elements. By using the symbols, we are not only connected to the seed quality but also to the elemental energies, thus assimilating them, and absorbing them so that we attract and retain more positive qualities and dissolve negative qualities from our aura. These five petals of these symbols also help in connecting with the respective quality, with the richness of all our 5 senses, thus resulting in a holistic uplifting experience. When we start imping these qualities in our own aura, we also affect everyone who comes in contact with us because we radiate them outwards.

Here are 21 benefits of these 21 symbols of Flozy Reiki:

  1. It realigns you to the Universal life force.
  2. It helps in instilling a sense of calmness in you.
  3. It helps bring clarity in your mind as you experience the interconnectedness of existence.
  4. These symbols help activate the seed experiences of joy and contentment.
  5. These symbols help cultivate compassion and self-love.
  6. Helps you evolve into a better version of yourself.
  7. Helps you Reclaim your power of creation at the Source level.
  8. Nourishes your soul.
  9. Helps bring harmony in your speech, thoughts and actions.
  10. They also help in balancing your aura.
  11. Helps in recovering lost energies.
  12. Increases vitality.
  13. By working on your spiritual body template, it helps in immense transformation.
  14. It helps in dissolving stuck and stagnant energy.
  15. It helps in improving the functioning and stability of the energy body.
  16. It helps in healing of the soul.
  17. It helps in dissipating the heavy energies which are stuck in chakras.
  18. Helps you shift to self-empowerment consciousness from victim consciousness.
  19. The vitalizing life force from the flowers, helps in manifesting our desires into being.
  20. These symbols help in cleansing the harmful emotions in each chakra and then developing positive emotions in each chakra.
  21. They help in reprogramming your internal beliefs, so that you can comfortably come out of self-destructive thought and behavior patterns.

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