How Does Flozy Work?

Using the life force energy of the plants isn’t something new for us. The healing energy of the plants is at the core of a lot of healing modalities and medicinal practices directly or indirectly used across various cultures like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Sujok, Bach Flower Therapy etc. The flozy energy of the Therapeutic Kachnar flower comes from the Realm of Flowers.

Flowers which bloom, to provide us with all that we need like food, medicine and also smiles and happiness.
Their nectar is the only source of food for so many species in the insect world. Flowers represent the continuity of life as they are self-sustaining, they automatically Pollinate for their further growth. They need no human intervention to grow, the nature functions automatically and effortlessly so that the cycle of growth continues through the natural process of Pollination.

The botanical kingdom offers a diversity of flora and fauna which have different properties to heal us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Flowers remind us of love, of ephemeral nature of life. They Bloom, spread happiness and die. They know their life is short lived, they still bloom in their grandest glory without any fear, any worry, any anxiety. Wherever they are, they are happy.

They will grow in the tiniest corner, in the creaks of rocks, in the dirtiest of corners, mud, filth [ as weeds], but they will grow. To cheer you, to feed you – both directly (as you directly consume) and indirectly (as they Nourish your soul) Their presence in itself is enough to cheer you up and bring about liveliness to any occasion. They bring life to a party, render a sense of reverence to the departed souls.

Need no occasion. TRY to Place Them in a Room

where there are dense energies due to continuous conflict, verbal arguments. They will immediately brighten up the space. WHY? because They carry a life force, which is vibrant and this gradually releases into the environment, thereby influencing your moods and daily actions. Also, the direct and indirect energy of flowers is used in Bach therapy and flower therapy, which has carved its own niche in complementary medicines
They clear up the stuck and negative energies of a place and fill them with the quintessential, soft, soothing energies of life force. They beautify anything and everything, anyone and everyone – be it a a deity, a bride, a child, a place, an altar. Floral jewelry is one of the most ancient jewelry worn by women known to us.
Flozy symbols or codes, help us in bringing these soft happy energies into your life, without having the physical flower. As these symbols reawaken your seed virtues or qualities, they help in resurrecting your soul, making you feel more calmer and less prone to external triggers of life

When you invoke Areca and use these symbols, they expand your consciousness, purify your intentions and make you stronger. Thus, all denser energies automatically wilt out from your life, just the way a weed dries out and loses its life, under a strong tall tree. This won’t happen overnight. So, keep using regularly, consistently. It’s only through persistent practice that you will notice that how your state of consciousness is become more expansive and purer.

There is no over dose of using flozy codes. They are simple to use, anyone can access them.
Atonement will help, although it is not necessary. There are no side effects, no restrictions of caste, creed, age, sex on their usage. Can be used on your physical body, can be drawn in air, written on paper, drawn on food, carved with a knife. Let your intuition guide you. Bless your kids, bless your plants pets, family, loved ones, your car, your house, your pen, your table, your refrigerator, your phone whatever. No long list of complicated formulae.

Easy to remember and draw. Can be used any, number of times. Use your imagination and visualization to channel this energy into your deepest and subtlest self and experience the Soul Metamorphosis.

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